Phil X Guitar Clinic

phil-xI stumbled across this five part youtube series of Phil X doing a Guitar Clinic. It’s worth the watch just for the laughs, but he also dispenses some great advice. Phil X has recorded with the likes of Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Bon Jovi, Tommy Lee, Avril Levigne, Kelly Clarkson, and others… not to mention his bands like The Drills and Powder.

Whether you like his style or not, Phil seems like a great guy and if you’re a working musician, he shares his story of how he was able to make it through moving to California and scrambling among so many other musicians to get noticed.

Phil X – Guitar Clinic (Part 1) Bouzouki

Phil X – Guitar Clinic (Part 2) Career & Gear

Phil X – Guitar Clinic (Part 3) – Whole Lotta iPhone

Phil X – Guitar Clinic (Part 4) Playing Tips

Phil X – Guitar Clinic (Part 5) Dagmar Guitar

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