Tips for Using a Looper Pedal

Using a looper can seem too complicated for many guitarists. You can’t just turn it on and forget about it like other types of pedals. The trick with a loop station is making it seem like you aren’t using one at all. The only way to pull this off is to have set strategies in place. Learn to think like an entire band and allow the loop station to complement your performance instead of control it. If you don’t already have a loop pedal, make sure that you are buying one that will do everything you need it to do in a way that you can understand and feel comfortable with. Don’t just go in blind when you’re buying your first pedal; do your research.
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Barry’s Bluesy Bits

I came across this video while doing some research on resonator guitars and decided to share it. In fact, I’m going to make a new “get inspired” section of the site starting with this video. Enjoy!

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