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As a thank you for joining my email list and signing up to win my demo pedals, I’m also giving you the free Book below, titled 25 Tips for Aspiring Songwriters. In it, you’ll find tips on the creative process, selling and marketing your songs, and of course songwriting.

In the meantime… I highly recommend that you check out the Jamorama online guitar course. If you’ve ever struggled to quickly and intuitively solo over the entire fretboard, play whole songs from beginning to end, and jam with other musicians, this course be the key to unlocking your potential:

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Check out these testimonials:

“I have been going through the new Jamorama and I think it is the easiest guitar course to navigate on the internet. I only wish that I had bought the Jamorama course sooner. I can only say excellent job to the crew because I was not disappointed when I downloaded this course. The video’s are of a real player, not a cartoon picture of a fret board with a funky sound. The books are easy to read and the bonus extras I can’t say enough of. Thanks again and I will definitely spread the word to all my friends.” – Mike. Phoenix, AZ, USA.

“Hi Guys, I have been into music all of my life and played several brass instruments back in my school days. I have been playing ‘around’ with the guitar for many years, but have just recently become serious about it. Your course is helping tremendously. Having a teacher on my computer and available on-demand (WHEN IT’S CONVENIENT FOR ME) is phenomenal! Also, I have a job that moves me around occasionally and it is difficult to keep a (live) instructor. Jamorama can go where I go and when I go! Though it might not happen until ‘retirement’ age, I would eventually like to have a regional band. After several weeks of using your course I feel confident that it’s a step in the right direction, AND, a lot cheaper than a pay-by-the-half-hour teacher! Thanks guys, and keep up the great work!” – Chris J.


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